Each of the following services starts with a finer wash to carefully decontaminate and prepare the surface.

Enhancement Detail

Usually completed in a single day, often kept overnight if a coating is applied.

Extensive decontamination, tar removal and clay bar to smooth the immediate surface.

We then use a dual action polisher and a light polish and microfiber pad to significantly reduce light scratches and swirls to bring back color and depth to your paint before a suitable wax is applied.  

from £150



Usually a two stage correction done over 2 or 3 days.

We use a rotary or forced rotation polisher and a heavy cutting compound polish and firm pad to cut back the clear coat of the vehicle to remove most visible surface swirls and scratches.

Then using  a refining polish and softer pad we bring the depth and gloss back to the paint by smoothing the smaller marks from the cutting stage.

Plastics are then coated to restore and protect and a wax chosen specific to requirements.

Paint Correction

from £300


Ceramic coating is a SI02 based coating that bonds with your paint when reacting with oxygen to form a glass like layer over your vehicle. When maintained correctly lasts a very long time and has self cleaning and self healing properties against swirls, scratches and protect against fading, chemical decomposition and makes your vehicle much easier to keep clean and in a pristine condition. 

All vehicles require different levels of preparation and price will reflect, Cars are kept secure overnight for the coating to cure.

Geon Quartz- can coat 

Paint/ Trims/ Wheels A durable Si02 based Quartz coating. High beading finish, extremely hydrophobic. Self cleaning properties and superb protection from UV rays, harsh chemicals or oxidation over time.

6 to 12 months protection if maintained correctly

from £150


We use Carbon collective, They have a range of advanced coatings. 

Their coatings have ultra hydrophobic properties and unparalleled gloss enhancement.
They also have one of the most diverse coatings on the market, improving the depth of satin and matt finishes whilst being safe to use on a vast variety of surfaces.

Durable for 2-3 Years

from £200


Add extra layers of ceramics of different levels and durability available on request and visual quotation

Coatings also available for fabrics including soft top roof protection, seat and carpets.

Wheels can also be protected on just the faces or removed to restore the barrels and protected back and front. 


Tel: 07887402046 


Mon - Sat  9am - 5pm


Years of an obsessive eye for detail when it comes to the automotive industry.


- Wash and wax

- Interior/exterior detailing 

- Paint correction

- Ceramic coatings

- Scheduled maintenance 

- Headlight restoration and tints

-Paint less scratch removal

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We are mobile but are based in Oswestry and cover all surrounding areas. 

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