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Correction and coatings


Paint Correction




Ceramic Coatings




Wheels Off



Paint Correction

Any correction requires the car to be properly prepared and anything more than an enhancement needs to be in our controlled environment with the correct lighting. 

Every car requires a different amount of preparation depending on its age and the state of its paintwork, even freshly painted cars can still require attention to remove sanding marks and imperfections left by body shops. 

This is why we like to inspect and quote vehicles in person and take paint depth readings to see what we have to work with.


A minimum correction starts with finding the best pad and polish combination for the best results. This will cut through swirls and light scratches leaving a nice glossy finish to the vehicle. 

From £300

Detailers Valet
Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coating is a SI02 based coating that bonds with your paint when reacting with oxygen to form a glass like layer over your vehicle. When maintained correctly lasts a very long time and has self cleaning and self healing properties against swirls, scratches and protect against fading, chemical decomposition and makes your vehicle much easier for you or us to maintain. 

All vehicles require different levels of preparation, normally a vehicle would receive an enhancement as a minimum and price will reflect, Cars are kept secure overnight for the coatings to cure.

We use a range of advanced coatings and we chose your coating by preference or to suit the protection or finish that you require. 

These coatings have ultra hydrophobic properties and unparalleled gloss enhancement.
They are some of the most diverse coatings on the market, improving the depth of satin and matte finishes whilst being safe to use on a vast variety of surfaces.

Durable for up to 5 years with a warranty!

From £650

Wheels Off

Wheel faces can be coated or wheels can be removed and the barrels properly decontaminated before being ceramic coated with a specific high temperature resistant coating for up to 2 years protection and ease of maintenance. Stop dreaded brake dust built up and reduce any chance of paint deterioration.

From £150

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