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Valets and Details


Detailed Valet




Enhancement Detail



Detailers Valet

A detailers valet is the full extent of a valet to get the best condition out of the vehicle without paint correction.

All of the below is included:

- Wash stage completed as normal but with added full decontamination. 

- A cabin detail

- A finer wash protected with a premium ceramic wax

- Engine bay de-greased, cleaned and dressed 

- Metal exhaust tips polished

- Plastic and seals dressed and protected

From £100

Enhancement Detail

This is our most popular services and is usually completed in a single day, often kept overnight if a coating is applied.

 - Extensive decontamination, tar removal and clay bar to smooth the immediate surface.

- We then use dual action polishers to do a one step correction. 

- We use a light polish and microfiber pad to significantly reduce light scratches and swirls to bring back color and depth to your paint.

- A ceramic wax is applied for up to 12 months protection.  

From £280

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